The Political Correctness (PC) Police

September 18th, 2012 | Categories: Stereotypes in General

I’m sitting in a restaurant this morning having breakfast. There is a four-top next to me. Three people with British accents are speaking with an American. One explains how alcohol gets interspersed with work more in England than the United States. He starts telling a story about Winston Churchill where the punch line is “I am indeed drunk, but at least when I wake up I’ll be sober. When you wake up, you’ll still be ugly.” Before he says this line, he adds the disclaimer, “The PC Police would be mad but…”

That’s when it hit me.

I am the PC Police.

Ok, perhaps that should have been obvious to me. After all I maintain a site called The Communicated Stereotype and I write blogs that often discuss the problems that stereotypes can create. Still, I never thought of myself as the PC Police before.

I probably should have. After all, when people in conversations with me know I study stereotypes they commonly provide a similar disclaimer to their stereotypes by saying, “You’ll probably yell at me but…” Still, one doesn’t like to think of themselves as the hall monitor, tattle tale, or RA.

Nonetheless, today I realized I am indeed the PC Police.

This is how I figured it out.

While he was telling the story and before he made the comment about the PC Police, I could tell there was a stereotype coming. I could tell by the build up of the story and the way he was talking in earnest.

I knew a stereotype was coming because not only did he say “PC Police,” but when he did so, he looked around like he was about to pull a joint out and smoke it right there in the restaurant, like he was about to tell the secret the world had been waiting to hear, like the safety of our countries depended on no one knowing this one thing he was about to say.

I was waiting eagerly like I was watching the first moon landing. I knew that stereotype was going to come out of his mouth like a space shuttle taking flight.

That’s how I realized I was the PC Police.

There I was waiting to hear it, seeking it out, looking to bust him like a cop.

Hi, my name is Stereotype Guru and I am the PC Police.

*Stay tuned for my T-Shirt store. This emblem will be on the first T-Shirt I will be selling.

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  1. ercrodrig
    November 28th, 2012 at 16:41

    Hi PC police. I’d like to comment on how we all wish we could be able to be PC police. I sometimes castigate my friends when they they began with “no offense but ..” ..actually I take total offense! Also, we are no one to utter stereotypes when there are stereotypes about us being whispered as we walk by all the time. If only there could be really be a PC police, that would be interesting. I wonder what would be some of the consequences. This site is amazing and very enlightening. I’m 19, I’m hispanic and I am a student at at 75% white college campus. I get it.

    • Anastacia Kurylo
      December 5th, 2012 at 11:15

      Thanks! Feel free to spread the site far and wide! Like me on Facebook! Tweet me! Tell your friends! I hope they’ll “get it” too!

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