The Communicated Stereotype: Celebrity Vilification to Everyday Talk

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The Communicated Stereotype: Celebrity Vilification to Everyday Talk by Anastacia Kurylo, Ph.D.

If you are discussing issues related to stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination, or political correctness with friends or family and you need a neutral party to sort out the issues before the conversation gets too heated, then this book is your go to source. The book discusses why people communicate stereotypes and whether they should or shouldn’t and answers the tough questions people ask on this topic. 

The Communicated Stereotype: From Celebrity Vilification to Everyday Talk  by Anastacia Kurylo, Ph.D. argues that people face a consequential interactional dilemma when someone communicates a stereotype in a conversation. The interactional dilemma is a result of the tension between political correctness and the benefits gained from communicating stereotypes in a conversation (e.g., telling stereotypical jokes). Despite the punishment and shame that befalls celebrities who communicate stereotypes, people continue to communicate stereotypes in everyday conversation casually and without rebuke.

The Communicated Stereotype argues that the vilification of celebrities diverts attention from the everyday communication of stereotypes and actually emboldens people to communicate stereotypes in their own conversations. The way this interactional dilemma is handled in conversation explains why people continue to communicate stereotypes regardless of the PC police.

The argument presented in this books shifts attention away from stereotypes as inherently negative and problematic because of prejudice and discrimination to a more neutral framing of stereotypes as poor communication choices providing opportunity for buy-in by even the most PC skeptical reader.

Lexington Press, 126 pages.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The Basics of Stereotyping
Chapter 2: Stereotype Content
Chapter 3: Deterrents to Stereotype Use
Chapter 4: Celebrity Vilification
Chapter 5: Psychological Functions of Stereotypes
Chapter 6: Communicative Functions of Stereotypes
Chapter 7: The Interactional Dilemma

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