The Boy Girl Divide in Toy Stores

January 3rd, 2014 | Categories: Uncategorized

Few things are so disheartening to a parent of a child who refuses to conform to pesky stereotypical gender norms than venturing into a children’s store and seeing warning signs indicating which products available for purchase are “for boys” or “for girls.” The Disney online store is a great example of a virtual version of this in which nearly every product from t-shirts to toys is labeled this way. The shirt below is labeled, for example, “Mickey Mouse Tee for Boys” on the Disney Store website despite that there is nothing inherently ‘boy’ about it.

disney tshirt

Overt signs are bad enough but this is most insidious when the signs are subtle with only blues and pinks to serve the same purpose. Well for those who lament this situation, as I do, check out this latest news.

“Marks & Spencer has agreed to make the packaging of all of its toys gender neutral by spring 2014, after customers complained that it was marketing items according to stereotypes.” Read more at The Gaurdian.

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