Stop Stereotyping Blind Gun Owners

September 20th, 2013 | Categories: Uncategorized

There is a saying. It’s plastered over office walls, on desks, and sent through email chain letters.

Although there are several versions of the saying, the gist of the saying has remained the same over time.

It’s formula includes two parts.

First, it reads:

a something (let’s call it X) on your part.

Second, it reads:

does not not constitute a something (let’s call it Y) on my part.

Here are some versions of this saying.

lack of preparation Poor planning mistake procrastination

After hearing about the controversy surrounding gun restrictions for the legally blind, I have a new version of this saying.

Ignorance on your part does not constitute reduction of constitutional rights on my part.

Before you or Piers Morgan criticize or worse (e.g., take away someone’s constitutional rights), look up definitions (e.g., legally blind), look up alternative strategies people use or services that are available to help people compensate for the thing you think they are lacking, look up counter arguments against your preconceptions, and forgo your stereotypes.

Your ignorance of these things (whether the issue is being legally blind or something else) does not give you carte blanche to take away people’s rights.



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