Stereotypes Change Through An Evolutionary Process

September 5th, 2012 | Categories: Stereotypes in General

Hey TCS fans, I thought you would be interested to know about an article related to stereotypes that was just published. A discussion of it is available in a BBC News post from Jonathon Ball titled Stereotypes ‘Evolve Like Language’, Say Researchers.

The research is groundbreaking because it reports about research that shows political correctness is not the best way to stop stereotypes from existing. Instead, changing how people communicate about stereotypes, rather than just prescribing that people stop using them entirely, is a better route to take. This is precisely the point I argue in my upcoming book under contract with Lexington Press titled The Communicated Stereotype: From Media to Everyday Talk.

The most interesting thing about the article is that it marries psychology and communication. This is not often done because scholarly disciplines tend not to be interdisciplinary when studying a topic. By essentially taking a communication approach known as social construction, the study published in the field of psychology shows that how we communicate about stereotypes is more important to focus on than whether people communicate stereotypes.

The research study supports what The Stereotype Guru has been saying all along on TCS. Political Correctness is not the way to stop stereotypes from existing. Instead, change the way you communicate about stereotypes and you change their meaning.

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