Stereotypes and Masturbation

July 3rd, 2014 | Categories: Uncategorized

Some of my regular readers may recall that the Stereotype Guru dubbed Thursday to be Thing Thursday at The Communicated Stereotype. This was intended to give a momentary nod to things that were relevant to our ongoing discussion of stereotypes at TCS. Today, check out this article on gender stereotypes and masturbation.

According to Art Therapy and Related Topics, “This article concerns an almost taboo topic that we therapists need to help women who have shame around masturbation to release their shame and free themselves to love their own body and feel good about giving themselves pleasure. . . . Women and those who identify as partly or fully women, please pass this on! Unfortunately there is no mention in this article about transgendered individuals and their experiences and views in masturbation. Somebody out there: do a study on that!!!”



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