Some Things We Can Agree On

November 20th, 2016 | Categories: Uncategorized

Ok. So let’s be clear about some things we can agree upon no matter where we stand politically.

1) It is never okay to be violent against a child in the name of anyone or anything.

2) Calling someone’s ideas or someone stupid is typical of gradeschool and not appropriate for an adult ever.

3) Just because one member of a group does something illegal, unethical, and/or immoral, doesn’t mean any member of the other group now has carte blanche to do that thing.

4) If I like chocolate and you like vanilla, those seem like they are on opposite sides but they are not actually opposite sides. They are instead two valid preferences amongst thousands of potential preferences all of which are equally valid and are individual choices none of which should affect anyone else’s preference or right to have a preference because there are no high stakes involved in this preference. No one will be consequentially hurt because of a preference for a flavor of ice cream.

5) Not all ideas on two sides of an argument where the stakes are high are created equal. Some sides of an argument have stronger evidence than others. Stronger evidence can mean more evidence and/or can mean the legitimacy of the evidence. When one side has substantially stronger evidence, it is NOT okay to give both sides equal voice and equal time to use that voice both of which misleadingly give the impression that both sides have equally strong arguments.

6) It is not okay to say or imply that an entire group of people act the same way because that will always be a false statement.

7) It is okay to console an individual by saying that the particular person will persevere because of x,y,z. It is not okay to say that everything will be fine, in the abstract, about everything, with no evidence because it makes no one feel better ever.

8) One person’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness ends when it impedes someone else’s. Where there are grey areas between my rights and your rights, the governing laws, politicians, judiciary, and enforcement personel get to decide where the boundaries are drawn. Therefore, it absolutely matters for the life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for EVERYONE who is in a role that has decision making power over these boundaries. If you are not voicing your opinion in one direction through voting, talking, and other advocacy then by default you ARE voicing your opinion in the other direction. There is no neutral side, no abstenting, no bystanding, no lurking when it comes to how a boundary is drawn. Your absence of participation IS participation.

9) Words, actions, images and other symbols matter. They can be used intentionally to inflict pain on others. A single person can inflict a lot of pain. That single person is doing a horrible thing and is a horrible person. There is NO rational for it. That one person can inflict pain on a lot of people. But it is ONE person out of many more who know better than to intentionally hurt someone.

10) The best predictor of someone’s future behavior is that person’s past behavior.

11) Just because you say it, does not make “it” true. Just because you think it, does not make “it” true.

12) If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and looks like a duck, a person can safely see fit to call it a duck.

13) I don’t get to have any more equality by letting you have less equality. I don’t get any less equality by letting you have more equality.

14) Just because a person supports gender, lgbtq, or minority rights does not mean you know who they voted for. You may think you do; you may try to guess; but you do not KNOW.

15) Facebook, The Daily Show, partison media, personal anecdotes/opinions, and local press are NO substitue for credible sources, thorough research, and strong evidence.

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