So You Think Being Fat Is A Simple ‘Problem’ To ‘Fix’

August 1st, 2013 | Categories: Uncategorized

Too often people think being fat is a simple problem to fix.

“Just lose the weight!”
“Just stop eating so much!”
“Just exercise!”

These messages are the simple solutions people often exasperatedly offer to the ‘problem’ of being fat. These ‘solutions’ are only options if you accept the stereotypes about fat people as accurate such as:

Fat people don’t ‘want’ to lose weight.
Fat people are lazy.
Fat people don’t care what they look like.

Well in case you buy into the idea that being fat is a ‘problem’ with a simple ‘solution,’ think again.
Revolting Bodies

Fat Studies is an area of research that by its very existence refutes stereotypes of fat people. The field of Fat Studies demonstrates that the ‘problem’ of being fat is not about the overweight person at all. It’s much more complicated than that. Instead, it has more to do with cultural norms about what being fat means as a symbol in a society than about actually being fat.

Bodies Out of Bounds
You still don’t think being fat is that complicated. Well, lots of people would beg to differ.

Authors of articles and books written about fatness such as Katie LeBesco, a former colleague and dear friend of mind who has written and edited books on the topic.

Well known academic publisher Taylor and Francis who has recently created an entire journal series on the topic.

Teachers who are teaching semester long courses on the topic of fat studies.

Fat Studies cover

Being fat is not so simple after all, is it?

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