It’s Mutual: Shared Racial Stereotypes

March 6th, 2012 | Categories: Race

Too often when it comes to cultural groups we assume differences between them. This is especially the case when the groups seem to fall along dichotomies such as male or female (though other cultures have more than these two genders) or black and white (though certainly there are many shades and combinations in between).

In class I make a point to remind students that people across cultural groups share a lot more similarities than differences (e.g., number of limbs, potential to have children, the value of learning, and joy of eating to name a few).

On today’s Weblog Wednesday I thought I would highlight a post from a blogger who provides some insights on similarities in stereotypes across racial groups, specifically blacks and whites.

Check out: 5 Stereotypes that Whites and Blacks Share About Each Other

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