Interesting. Hispanic Audience Needed (TriState Area) June 29th Deadline

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The Communicated Stereotype lets you know about a unique opportunity and, also, questions whether she should.

I haven’t come to any conclusion about the pros and cons of marketing to an audience based on demographics. This is certainly a media/ communications relevant topic though and, as such, relevant for TCS. What I post below is an extreme case where the show is not only being marketed to a specific audience, but the content of the show is being manipulated to involve that specific audience as well. It makes me wonder what stereotypes are being invoked that suggest this particular audience has a unique perspective on a specific issue.

It reminds me of a mock jury deliberation discussion i once transcribed that involved a stereotype. The jury had to decide whether a person was lying about his opinion about the death penalty. One of the jurors made this comments:

“I think the gravity of his statement is very truthful. He had a really good argument like you said. I mean, it, but, then I don’t know. I think that was planned like that. Since he does have such a good argument and since he is black that would be obvious that he would feel that way but just the way he was coming across, the way he was talking makes me feel like he was lying.”

The key word that reveals the stereotype is “obviously.” The juror argues that the person may be telling the truth about being against the death penalty “since he is black” and would “obviously” hold that opinion. Assuming that because of his group membership he holds a certain opinion on political issues makes her decision about whether he is lying difficult. His behavior suggests he is lying. But the stereotype suggests he is telling the truth.

I would love your thoughts in the comments section about whether you think it is valid to seek opinions out or assume opinions based on a person’s group membership.

In the meantime as I await your comments patiently, for anyone who does want to take advantage of this television opportunity, note the deadline is ONLY ONE WEEK AWAY.

Upcoming TV shoot seeks Hispanic Audience for election Special! Information included below:

Be a part of a lively studio audience Town Hall discussion moderated by NBC News’ Natalie Morales to capture the voices of the Hispanic community, as we examine the 2012 Presidential Election from a Latino perspective.

WE DECIDE: LATINOS and the 2012 ELECTION special for Nuvo TV will feature a panel of prominent Latino newsmakers, celebrities (including currently confirmed, Actor Wilmer Valderamma), and political leaders who will debate the most pressing issues of this presidential season. We will also invite questions from you, the audience! The show date has been set for Tuesday, July 17th with an 11:30 am arrival- more information will be included in a confirmation after you respond with interest.

If you would like to be a part of this special audience, send an email ASAP, no later than next Friday, June 29th to: with the following information:
• Your name:
• Daytime phone number:
• Email address:
• Number of tickets: (all guests must be over 18 years of age):
• Names of your guest(s):

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