Imagine a TCS T-Shirt Store…

January 24th, 2012 | Categories: Stereotypes in General

Who needs the Stereotype Guru when t-shirts say it all? If TCS had a store, we would sell these shirts!

Anti-Stereotypes T-shirts

Labels Belong On Clothes Not On People

I Am My Own Stereotype

Stereotype Me. Non-Conformist Unite

Stereotype Me! Society Does.

Don’t Judge Me Based On Your Ignorance.

Pfft! Stereotypes Are All The Same

I’m Not Prejudiced…I Hate Everyone!!

Please Don’t Stereotype Me

Don’t Stereotype

F-ck Stereotypes

Destroy Stereotypes

Educate Yourselves…

Note: No one from The Communicated Stereotypes is associated with or profits from the purchase of the products mentioned above.

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