British Stereotypes: Where did they go? Oh, there they are!

September 16th, 2013 | Categories: Uncategorized

According to the Telegraph, a daily UK newspaper with international distribution, a translation table “reveals” the “truth” behind British politeness.

I knew British stereotypes hadn’t gone away since my beloved Austin Powers emerged, re-emerged, and re-re-emerged, but I didn’t expect to see stereotypes discussed this uncritically from a newspaper with 150 years of built up credibility!

Listen Telegraph, I expected it from the Daily Mirror or The Sun. They are your younger siblings. At only about 100 and 50 years of publication each, they just don’t know any better. They’re tabloids after all. They have different interests. They are into what the young kids are doing these days.

But as for you Telegraph, I’m disappointed. And if you don’t like me talking to you like you are a child, then don’t act like one by throwing around stereotypes like you don’t know any better.

Telegraph, I know you’ve been around a long time.  But you’ve still got a lot of maturing to do.



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