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July 1st, 2011 | Categories: Stereotypes in General

The Communicated Stereotype dot com is set to produce a line of never seen before trading cards. TCS is a blog/website combo dedicated to the dissemination of information and commentary about stereotypes communicated in everyday conversation and in the media. Each trading card will highlight a single celebrity who has been caught communicating a stereotype. Think Mel Gibson. Other celebrities who will earn cards in their honor include comedians Tracy Morgan and Michael Richards, politicians George Allen, actress Miley Cyrus, and fashion designer Galliano.

The first issue of The Communicated Stereotype Trading Cards will be available July 15th in honor of the fourth of July. The trading cards will be available exclusively online at

The founder of the site Anastacia Kurylo has been quoted as saying, “this is a one of a kind concept that hasn’t been seen anywhere else ever.” However, critics are already attacking the idea. Mike Kurylo from, a New York Knicks basketball blog affiliated with ESPN, noted, “Kurylo is crazy. Trading cards have been around since the late 1800’s.”

One caveat about the Trading Cards. Although the cards are promoted as having a unique interactive feature in which users determine the quality of the card, test users have found that the best quality cards are too expensive.

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