A Saudi Arabian Unstereotype

May 8th, 2013 | Categories: Uncategorized

In previous posts I have discussed the unstereotype. I introduced the concept of the unstereotype in September 2012 in a blog titled, Thank You Candace Parker For Communicating The Un-Stereotype. An unstereotype is a message about a group that is counter to the stereotype for that group. Since that initial post I have posted two more examples located here and here.

Today I provide another example of a moment in which an unstereotype is communicated. The story is told by Trudy Milburn, Ph.D. in her blog post titled Intercultural Dialogue: Saudi Arabia written for the Center for Intercultural Dialogue whose goal it is to bridge cultures through research. In her story, she discusses a moment in which a Saudi woman communicates an unstereotype showing herself to be an outspoken advocate for her own beliefs even doing so in public and against men. The sterotype of Middle Eastern women and Muslim women is one of subservience and oppression from men. Not in Dr. Milburn’s story. I invite you to appreciate another unstereotype.

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