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For today’s Casual Friday at The Communicated Stereotype, I thought I would take a casual approach to my blog and highlight commentary on stereotypes that demonstrates the power of religious stereotypes communicated in the workplace. Check out this link for replies to a question about stereotypes in the workplace: How do you deal with ethnic […]

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My recent post about Jeremy Lin on The Communicated Stereotype sparked some discussion. This discussion of Asian stereotypes has included comparisons to stereotypes of blacks and other groups. It has also included questions about the extent to which any stereotype can be good or whether the communication of stereotypes is always obviously and inexcusably racist. […]

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On today’s Weblog Wednesday, I invite you to read a blog posted at The Society for Menstrual Research website. The author, Alex Epstein, discusses her realization that menstruation isn’t and shouldn’t be a cause of embarrassment and, thus, something to hide. As you read her short post I encourage you to think about the stereotypes […]

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Unfortunately, The Communicated Stereotype is not in a position to give money away. Fortunately, others are and TCS is happy to have the opportunity to share information with you about a $5,000 scholarship. According to the website: “You would be a great contender for this scholarship if you meet the following criteria: -You are a […]

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Recently, my blog has been a place for some interesting discussion about Asian identity and how it is viewed in the United states. One recurrent theme in comments is the Asian as foreigner stereotype. To explore Asian identity and this stereotype further, but from a personal first-hand perspective, I’m posting anonymously one person’s reflection about […]

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