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I’m conducting a study of discussion of Jeremy Lin, a New York Knicks basketball player, during Linsanity on RealGM’s NY Knicks Basketball forum and came across this post by Moose on Mon Feb 06, 2012 9:48 am. “Just to be clear…I’m pretty sure Lin has accepted the fact that he is Asian. As long as […]

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Funny story. My husband goes to the Police museum with our children where they have a kids entertainment area with pretend cop cars, police station, emergency vehicles, dress up clothes, and gear. This museum is a century old precinct that was converted once it outlived its original purpose. Visiting it is like going back in […]

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Hello all and welcome to Media Monday at The Communicated Stereotype! Despite that I am hard at work proofing my new intercultural communication textbook titled Inter/Cultural Communication: Representation and Construction of Culture to which I have dedicated the last two plus years while working with 44 patient and wonderful contributors, my husband dropped me a […]

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When I was younger, a dear friend of mine complimented me saying that “I am impressed with what you have accomplished.” He then added, especially considering you came from a broken home.” I was flattered by the compliment and flustered by the added sentiment. It took me a minute to understand and process what he […]

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Sometimes people become annoyed when a person criticizes the media for how groups, particularly racial, gender, and age groups are represented. Naysayers would argue that the critic is exaggerating, making much ado about nothing, and just being overly PC (“i.e., politically correct).” But one wonders whether they have ever taken a critical look at media […]

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