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T-Shirts like this motivate me to start The Communicated Stereotype online T-shirt store (check out the KnickerBlogger store in the upper right corner for an idea of what this might look like). In a Newsweek article in 2005 two hate mongering teen twin sisters were pictured wearing shirts like this. For every shirt like this […]

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I do not often discuss the concept of power on my blog. Instead, my focus is on communicated stereotypes in all variety of contexts reflecting all variety of cultural groups. I view communicated stereotypes as instances in which people implicitly or explicitly send the message that a certain group of people acts a specific way. […]

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Saturday I took my children to McDonald’s. It was no different than my other experiences at McDonald’s in the last few years. I purchase the happy meal. My kids wait eagerly, excited to get their toy having seen it imprisoned in a display box visible squarely at their height. They quickly open the box. Grab […]

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Lawyer jokes are plentiful. Check out this selection from the Best Lawyer Jokes. For more lawyers jokes check out this site. Q. Why won’t sharks attack lawyers? A. Professional courtesy. Q. Why is going to a meeting of the Bar Association like going into a bait shop? A. Because of the abundance of suckers, leeches, […]

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Comedians are often criticized for being insensitive to cultural groups. Consider the much publicized comments from Michael Richards, the celebrity TCS used for its very first trading card. Guest blogger Maryrose Wentzel argues that comedians who communicate stereotypes in their comedic routines act as advocates for the very groups they stereotype. “The stand-up is quintessentially […]

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