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It is not often I write about the consequences of stereotyping. This is partly because they are obvious and so there is little need to belabor the point. This is also partly because becoming too focused on the consequences of stereotyping can blind you from being able to understand how stereotypes work, which ultimately is […]

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Upon reflection about my Thanksgiving day yesterday, I decided there was still some thanking to do. In particular, I want to thank those who serve in the military or law enforcement in some capacity despite stereotyping. Of course all military and law enforcement deserve my thanks, but particularly I wanted to take a minute to […]

Friday, November 25th, 2011 at 22:44 | 1 comment
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In a six minute bit on The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert steals The Communicated Stereotype’s T-Shirt Tuesday concept by discussing offensive merchandising that involves communicated stereotypes. Interesting, Mr. Colbert. I don’t remember seeing a bit like this on your show before TCS’s debut in July. Very interesting. The Colbert Report Get More: Colbert Report Full […]

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The question asked the most about stereotypes is whether stereotypes are accurate? This was also the first question asked by researchers after Lippmann (1922) brought the term from its original meaning into its modern usage. Early research on accuracy sought to find whether there was a ‘kernel of truth’ to stereotypes. That is to say, […]

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Sometimes people wear their preferences on their sleeves. Literally. Today’s T-Shirt Tuesday introduces you to stereotype t-shirts for those who want to proudly communicate their fondness for stereotypes. Political correctness naysayers, rejoice!       The rest are worth the extra click on the link I Prove The Stereotype I Believe All Stereotypes Don’t Want […]

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In my article “What Does Discrimination Look Like?” I provided an obvious example of discrimination. An example few could overlook and most would be too politically correct to say let alone write. Although the example I provided in that article was appropriate, I clarified that most discrimination is more subtle. As an extension of that […]

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