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Imagine how happy I was when Summer’s Eve made my job as a blogger writing about communicated stereotypes so easy! Britni Danielle at asked, “Although I understand the company’s need to appeal to all women, I wonder if they really had to tailor their ads specifically toward race?” As often happens […]

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In efforts to combat voter fraud, a recent flurry of state legislation would make voting difficult for college students. Such legislation has been proposed and in many cases passed in various states such as New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Texas, Wisconsin, North Carolina, and South Carolina. This issue has become a hotly debated topic in recent […]

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It has been 70 years, 7 months, and 12 days since the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. Over 3,500 people were either killed or wounded. Americans have not forgotten. That is seemingly why Americans have expressed their vehement outrage and fervent uproar over their painful loss on July 17th, only a few days ago, at the […]

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This is a must read article for employers about the reasons why communicating stereotypes is bad for business. THE BACKGROUND: My son loves Barbie dolls. He especially loves putting clips in their hair. At two years old he has learned how to make a ponytail using a rubberband. This is pretty complicated stuff for a […]

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As promised, here is the first TCS Trading Card (Michael Richards). For more about Richards, see this video which is also posted in the celebrity gallery.

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Tags: is pleased to announce the Celebrity Gallery. If a celebrity communicates a stereotype and it makes the headlines or CNN you can be sure to find it at the Celebrity Gallery. If you hear about a celebrity communicating a stereotype, let us know and maybe it will make the gallery! The Communicated Stereotype also […]

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My name is Anastacia Kurylo and I’m a stereotyper. But I am a recovering stereotyper. Some days it’s difficult though. Today was one of those days. I was at Central Park playing softball. It’s a group I’ve played with for the last year and I know most of the players. Today, one player I didn’t […]

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With the 10th pick in the 2011 draft, the Sacramento Kings selected Jimmer Freddette. Considering his domination in college, Freddette is an exceptional player. More importantly, Fredette is an exception. Fredette is “said to be ‘surprisingly’ athletic and ‘deceptively’ quick” according to ESPN columnist Ian O’Connor. O’Connor explains how the stereotype that whites are not […]

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It is the fourth of July for only 30 more minutes. Today I was lucky enough to view the fireworks over the Hudson River from the window of a skyscraper in New York City in Times Square. I was surrounded by my family. Earlier today, I was lucky enough to see Takeru Kobayashi in person […]

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The Communicated Stereotype dot com is set to produce a line of never seen before trading cards. TCS is a blog/website combo dedicated to the dissemination of information and commentary about stereotypes communicated in everyday conversation and in the media. Each trading card will highlight a single celebrity who has been caught communicating a stereotype. […]

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