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Stereotypes are confusing, complicated, and controversial. It’s hard to know what’s right or wrong to say especially when everyone is so focused on political correctness. It’s also hard to know how to respond especially if you are bothered or personally offended by the stereotype. Consider me your personal Stereotype Guru. Consider this a place where […]

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I realize I might have been a bit presumptuous in my previous articles. It occurs to me that I’ve named my blog The Communicated Stereotype but 1) I haven’t told you what that means and 2) I haven’t even told what a stereotype is. Granted, these are not difficult concepts and most people are probably […]

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I received my first comment to one of my blogs this week. Kim commented, It’s not easy to point out to others that they may be dealing in stereotypical thinking…they know that stereotyping is not good, but they don’t recognize when they do it themselves. I’m pretty sure I don’t always catch myself! It is […]

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When people ask me what my day job is, I usually reply that “I study interpersonal communication, which is a fancy term for conversation.” Most of the time the follow up question is “are you studying/judging me right now?” What do you think your next step would be if we just had this conversation? Unfortunately, […]

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Break Porcelain statue Held in high regard, valued As untouchable. -Haiku, Anastacia Kurylo, June 21, 2011 To be broken is to be damaged. To be broken is a bad thing. When a child breaks something they are scolded if not punished. What is broken, often even if it is an inconsequential item, is raised to […]

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When a person acts a certain way, what (do we think) causes that behavior? A cartoon about a drunk stick figure prompted me to ask this question tonight. Seeing the first drunk stick figure above you may wonder: How often this stick figure gets drunk? Is the stick figure an alcoholic? Do the effects of […]

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Imagine me excited for the soft launch of my blog when what should I read in the New York Times today but nearly the same point I wanted to make on my site. Ironically, the point is not made by a cutting edge journalist like Anderson Cooper, a hip celebrity like James Franco, or an […]

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