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December 28th, 2012 | Categories: Uncategorized

Parenting magazine in its first issue of 2013 has announced that diversity is trending. The magazine cites an undisclosed survey in which 95% of parents who took the survey say “families socialize with friends of a different race, religion, or ethnicity” and 78% say they “make an effort to talk often about diversity and acceptance with their children.”

Diversity has been trending in corporate America for a while. Companies like Diversity, Inc., Diversity Best Practices, and the National Diversity Council as well as Catalyst push the diversity agenda successfully especially with Fortune 500 companies who are more likely to have the resources to support initiatives in diversity and inclusion.

Congratulations for these laudable diversity efforts in the workplace and the home. Now, the next step is rethinking our use of stereotypes in everyday communication and social media. These casual and ubiquitous communicated stereotypes impact efforts toward diversity and inclusion.

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