To Clinton’s America: Read This. Now. Share This. Now.

November 12th, 2016 | Categories: Uncategorized
Hello Clinton’s America!
You want to do something about this election! Let’s try!! There is one and only one hope. The electoral college has NOT voted yet: They vote on December 19th. That is almost a month away. 
Although it has never happen in a way to change a vote; this is he election it could! We write our senators and congress people for many issues. Why wouldn’t we try to change the electoral college vote?
Electors CAN vote outside of the popular vote. In some states there may be minor fines for doing so. BUT it is not illegal. Some would even argue it is what the founding fathers intended
Contact your electoral college representative and tell them that the America you are entitled to will disappear if President Trump is president in January.
Work within the system before you work outside of it! Electors are allowed to vote against the popular vote!
If anyone has time to get the emails and / or phone numbers for the electors for anyone that isn’t already hyperlinked below share them with me, I will add them! Anything we can do to make emailing/ letter writing/ calling easier will help.
Email (or call) and let the electors know how you think they should vote. Share this list with all your friends, on facebook, Tweet it, etc. Contacting an elector is just one click away!!! Here is a sample letter to send too!!!
Sample letter:
Thank you for serving our country as part of the Electoral College. When you cast your vote, remember that Hillary Clinton was the popular choice of the country you serve by over 1.5 million already. As an elector in Maine has already shown, you can break ranks with the rest of the electors of your state. You have the right, privilege, and responsibility to represent those who voted for Clinton too, especially when there is such a small margin between them. Even if no other electors do this in your state, you can be the voice for millions! Every electoral vote matters. Please vote Clinton on December 19th.
There are a lot of names to contact but imagine how much time you’ll save complaining next year by sending just a quick email now! Clinton won the popular vote by over 1.5 millon. Below are the states that are the closest margins. These electors should represent all of their constituents!

Florida (Clinton 47.8% Trump 49.1%)

Republican Electors: 29

Michigan (Clinton 47.3% Trump 47.6% and it’s not called yet)

Republican Electors: 16

Pennsylvania (Clinton 47.6% Trump 48.8%)

Republican Electors: 20

Wisconsin (Clinton 46.9% Trump 47.9%)

Republican Electors: 10

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