T-Shirt Tuesday: Pitbull Stereotype T-Shirts FOR SALE

August 23rd, 2011 | Categories: Other

Welcome to T-Shirt Tuesday at The Communicated Stereotype.

Today we have Pitbull Stereotype T-Shirts FOR SALE!

Women, Jews, Muslims, blacks, geeks, blondes, republicans . . .

It’s true that sometimes stereotyping these groups can be funny. But don’t you get bored of stereotyping the same groups over and over?

Ever wish there were more groups to communicate stereotypes about?

Why not try something new? Broaden your pool of stereotype targets.

Try stereotyping animals!

Don’t commit right away, start with one animal and see if you like it. Pitbull stereotypes have just what you are looking for in a stereotype. They are a select well-known breed of dogs, stereotyped as having aggressive behavior, plenty of anecdotal evidence of violence, and non-pitbull owners sometimes view them as not a particularly attractive breed. Pitbulls make great targets of stereotypes too because stereotyping them is consequential just like with human stereotyping! These dogs can get in serious trouble for their occasional violent behavior including but not limited to muzzling, restraining orders, and being put to sleep. Even owning a pitbull could be a crime. And – just like with human stereotypes – pitbull stereotypes help to bias people against pitbulls.

So why not expand your repertoire of stereotypes and try a pitbull stereotype today?

Well politically correct animal lovers would prefer you do not stereotype their beloved pitbulls. They’d like you to buy this t-shirt instead. But where’s the fun in that?






Note: No one involved with The Communicated Stereotype makes any profit or is any way responsible for any t-shirts purchased through the links provided on this site.





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