T-Shirt Tuesday: “Man Up”? Stereotypes And Circumcision

June 27th, 2012 | Categories: Gender

Recent news about a controversial new anti-circumcision law in Germany reminds me of a stereotype I heard a year ago in the media.

CNN commentator Touré in discussing the efforts in California to ban circumcision argued “what’s a little foreskin” and stated that boys should “man up” about being circumcised. Note: I tried to find a clip (no pun intended) to add to this post but couldn’t.

Man up” refers to the stereotype that men are tough. So imagine telling this to your newborn.

You’ve just spent up to nine months making sure the womb was the safest place on earth. You’ve spent hours if not days in an intensely anticipated delivery room with doctors, nurses, midwives, and other highly trained staff- all of whom you would no doubt sue if a hair was harmed on your new baby- to perform and assist in securing a safe delivery.

Then, you ask your newborn to ‘man up’ and have this ‘harmless’ procedure where his foreskin is removed for a variety of non-emergency reasons.

Well, for those of you who think that infant boys should not be required to “man up,” here is a t-shirt for you offered in this belated T-shirt Tuesday post:

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Note: TCS does not make any financial profit off the sales of these shirts.

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  1. Robbie
    June 28th, 2012 at 08:44

    The stereotype alone is ridiculous, that men should be innately tough. But the logic makes no sense, why ask a newborn to be as tough as a man? And if men are so tough, why not wait until the baby is grown into one? People say stupid stuff on TV all day long, I know, but this is just painfully stupid – quite literally!

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