T-Shirt Tuesday: Irish Stereotype T-Shirts FOR SALE

August 7th, 2011 | Categories: Ethnicity

Today, The Communicated Stereotype is proud to present the first T-Shirt Tuesday.  This T-Shirt Tuesday we have Irish Stereotype T-Shirts FOR SALE!

Note: No one involved with The Communicated Stereotype makes any profit or is any way responsible for any t-shirts purchased through the links provided on this site.

Imagine this real-life scenario (altered slightly but otherwise in its original form):

You and two other friends go to a bar. It is a typical night out. All three of you come from the same Irish heritage. Your friend Kate, who is obviously intoxicated, had her fair share of drinks for the night. She says (slurring her words), “I am done drinking for the night.” Kate is petite and did not have much to eat that day. Your other friend Caroline responds to Kate saying, “Come on Kate, we’re Irish girls. The Irish people know how to drink. Don’t be a wuss.” Kate smiles with pride, chugs down her beer and proceeds to order another from the bar. The stereotype in this scenario is that all Irish people drink a lot, and have the ability, desire, and drive to consume excessive amounts of alcohol.

What if you want to communicate this common Irish stereotype but don’t want to waste valuable drinking time by saying it? Lucky for you these T-Shirts provide yet another way you can communicate your favorite Irish stereotype.

Get Me A Drink! I’m Irish.

I’m Not An Inebriate Leprechaun…

An Irishman Is Never Drunk…

and don’t forget these…

Happily Proving All Irish Stereotypes

I’m Sick of All The Irish Stereotypes…

Irish Me, I’m Kiss!

When people talk about the problems with communicating stereotypes prejudice and discrimination are often discussed. Somehow alcohol poisoning isn’t. Perhaps it should be.

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