T-Shirt Tuesday: Homo/Hetero Stereotype T-Shirts FOR SALE

August 16th, 2011 | Categories: Sexual Orientation

Welcome to T-Shirt Tuesday at The Communicated Stereotype.

Today we have Homo/Hetero Stereotype T-Shirts FOR SALE!

Knowing who you are is important because everyday you wear your identity so everyone can see it. The search for identity is often difficult like trying to find the right pair of shoes.
People experience identity crises, go to therapy, and seek “new lifestyles” (6.7 million Google hits) to find the identity that will be a perfect fit. Often, like we do with clothes,  we compare our identity to the identity of others. Numerous theories discuss this:  social comparison theory, looking glass self, and social identity theory. Sometimes, however, wearing identity is not just a metaphor.


Sometimes, wearing identity happens literally. Click on the following links to see what I mean:


Yes, I’m Gay But I Will Never Live Up To your Narrow-Minded Stereotypes.

I’m Not Gay. I Just Have Really Good Dress Sense!

I Don’t Mind If You’re Gay As Long As You Don’t Act Like It In Public.

I Don’t Mind If You’re Straight. Just Don’t Act Like It.


Wearing identity literally takes a variety of forms.

Regardless of which way we wear our identity and whether it is literally or figuratively worn, it is important because we do it all the time with everyone.


Note: No one involved with The Communicated Stereotype makes any profit or is any way responsible for any t-shirts purchased through the links provided on this site.

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