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March 29th, 2012 | Categories: Ethnicity

One of my biggest joys is checking out the number of people who come to my blog. Since its inception in July I have increased my hits by fifty each month. I am preoccupied with the entire idea that people are interested in what I have to say. I wonder at times why that is and I am always grateful that people are. I am most fascinated when I look at what is called the World Map which displays as dots on a map where my recent visitors reside. Minutes ago, for example, I enjoyed seeing that over the last few hours people had visited my site from Australia, Canada, Malaysia, Portugal, United Kingdom, and Vietnam. I am happy to know that my work has such a varied audience.

I want to take advantage of this by asking a favor from readers residing outside of the United States who come to The Communicated Stereotype. I hope you will oblige my request.

Please share with my readers and with me your culture’s stereotypes of Americans.

Of course I must qualify that I know these are not necessarily stereotypes that you hold or believe in. I know that not everyone in your country actually holds these stereotypes. I am merely looking for common stereotypes of Americans that are familiar to members of your culture.

If you are willing to share these, please post them as comments to this blog. I will be forever grateful if you do.

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    May 3rd, 2012 at 09:10

    I’m an Aussie. Our nation seems to accept the satirisation of stereotypes and shamelessly base friendly interactions with our multicultural citizenry on humor derived from the differences between us. Real racism still exists, but it’s easy to tell the difference, and no-one overreacts to non-malicious racial humor. Sometimes this liberated sense of humor draws ire from other cultures internationally, who are slightly more uptight than our mix of convicts, colonists, refugees, kiwis, islanders and natives.
    America is one that has used this stereotype of crude Australians to demonise our liberated humor.
    To us, the American stereotype is variable (there are many subcultures and different cities are broadcast as being distinct from others within the country). The stereotype also changes in tune with international politics, as reporting of America’s opinion on global matters is unavoidable via our mass media. The ubiquitous President of the day influences the stereotype. Clinton = smooth and slippery. Bush = another four letter word we Aussies love to say.
    There are some stereotypes common to enough of the subcultures, cities and recent decades. Hiphop to Hollywood, Silicon Valley to Wall Street, Walmart to Vegas, South Beach to South Central.

    Materialistic. Predatory. Grandiose. Narcissistic. Zealous.

    Apologies to those unfairly misrepresented. I’m sure there are more than a few. But that is what is broadcast. Australia is saturated with American culture, and we are more alike than not.

    Ignoring the media, and basing stereotypes solely on American people I’ve met is impossible, as they are all Aussies now.

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