Lowe’s Must Be Proud

December 14th, 2011 | Categories: Religion

For Weblog Wednesday at The Communicated Stereotype, TCS wanted to follow up its recent post about Lowe’s with some responses Lowe’s has received from those who support their decision to pull the advertisement from All American Muslim. Check out the responses.

The company must be proud to have garnered such positive feedback from their now loyal customers who pledge their allegiance to Lowe’s for pulling their commercial. The alliances we make with our ingroup members- those who are part of the same groups we belong to- are important determinants of how we value ourselves. From comments like these it is clear that Lowe’s has aligned itself with a vocal and confident ingroup. Lowe’s must be proud and good for them.

But, perhaps someone should whisper in the ears of those who run Lowe’s that it’s not too late to shift ingroups. Although vocal and confident are great characteristics for your ingroup to have, racist, chauvinistic, and xenophobic are not. Lowe’s still has time to shift to an ingroup that is just as vocal and confident but without the racist, chauvinistic, and xenophobic characteristics. Although Russell Simmons and others purchased the advertisement time that Lowe’s did not, there are other ways Lowe’s can demonstrate alignment with this other ingroup. Show this new group you have aligned yourself with it and you’ll receive positive feedback from them too and that will really make you proud.

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