All Things, Including Ted Nugent, Shall Pass

March 13th, 2014 | Categories: Uncategorized

For today’s Thing Thursday I thought simple might be best. After all Thing Thursday is intended to give me a breather from writing blogs while nonetheless provided content of interest. It’s also intended to provide readers the opportunity to get a break from long winded blogs proselytizing about stereotype related topics that you might come to expect from The Communicated Stereotype and similar sites and bloggers.

So today’s thing is simple. Ted Nugent. I say thing because he has turned himself into just that.

An object of humor and ridicule. He is no longer a complex and unique person as we all should be.

An object representing what America once was. An artifact of long ago through which we can see how people used to express racism with utter confidence and aggression.

Luckily, as an object I can set him aside  never to be thought of again like too many other useless things in the attic of my mind.

Sure some of you may obsess over what he said. But why? It reflects such an obviously archiec viewpoint that it hardly necessitates mentioning. Like the stale clothing of an out-of-touch relative.

As the poem says, “All things shall pass.” It has already passed from my mind and I urge this thing to pass from yours as well.

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  1. sggrams
    March 13th, 2014 at 12:03

    Yeah, no.
    I cannot just dismiss his comments. He is not the only one who holds these views. Luckily these views are not the majority but are not in the past either.

    Maybe when we have a the same quota of representation in the working world of people in higher positions equaling the racial and sexual makeup of the United States then I will say yes, ignore him. But just because we have a President of color does not mean we can ignore people who are bigots.

    Institutional/political racism is alive and well in our fair nation.

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